29 May 2011

Bank Holiday Sunday: www.mangolandin.net

Aren't bank holidays just the best thing since life spread...I think thats what they call it...
Anyway running a bit late for my best mate's, best mates birthday party in Mango Landing, Brixton (www.mangolandin.net ). Very naughty indeed!
But i'm fully dressed, make ups done and hair is volumised as usual...
Don't know what to expect but shall have some pics for you later.
The only problem I'm facing right now is whether to wear black office jelly sandals or Terry De Havilland wedges with my outfit (green ck one jeans, black DP puff shoulder blouse & black GAP blazer)?
Should have images for you really but I've been slacking this weekend...One night with my older cousins and I'm in recovery for the whole weekend...tut tut...I'm so NOT hard core!lol

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