30 April 2011

Whatever Next?

Geordie Shore comes to MTV this May!

Geordie Shore comes to MTV!

No, you're not seeing things....It's time to make way for Geordie Shore! Inspired by our hit show, Jersey Shore, the glamorous city of Newcastle becomes the latest stomping ground for 8 lads and lasses for 6 weeks of unadulterated partying toon-style. Living in a gorgeous five star house, complete with shared bedrooms and a hot tub, our cameras will catch all the action as the Geordie house-mates work during the day for a promotions company and then get their 'tash' on at night, at some of the most renowned hotspots on the Diamond Strip.

From the city that gave us Cheryl Cole, Ant & Dec and Gazza, the UK's latest reality fix Geordie Shore launches on Tuesday, May 24th at 10pm... Don' t miss it!
Join the Geordie Shore Facebook page facebook.com/geordieshore

Hey Sugar

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29 April 2011

The Wedding of 2011

Congratulations to the new Duke & Duchess of Cambridge xo

Now its time for the fashion!!! 
 Dresses by Sarah Burton under the Alexander McQueen label

*Proud to be British*

28 April 2011

Morning my beautiful people!

Hope your day has got off on a fabulous start! Mine definitely has!
I gave gifts to family members yesterday (all shall be revealed in the next few months ;) and this morning I had my hair did! um hmmm yes I did! Dont you just love squeeky clean hair that blows in the wind?
And to top it off I'm wearing my new ck one flourescent pink skinny jeans! They are fab!
I'll get a pic added later also.

So what has made my morning truly exciting is the re-release of Beyonce's 'Get me bodied' single off the album Bday, but this time she's renamed the track 'Move your body'.

I think its the video, that makes me want to do dance! I can just imagine doing the routine at home in front of my mirror...lol!
We all know B can dance but she takes this video right back to school for the USA campaign Let’s Move! which aims to get school pupils into healthy eating & healthy lifestyles.

My favourite parts to the video is when she brings in the salsa, the dougie & then the dancehall! This girl is freaking amazing!
And her dancers are all extra cute! Check out the little dude on her right! BOY! He can move!

If your reading this Beyonce, I LOVE YOU!!! xo


27 April 2011

Would you wear this to work out?


Best Articles

Found these two fascinating and rather believable articles on research recently taken & analysed...
What do you think about it?
Debates are welcome on Clo Clo's Closet


Marketing: A woman’s world?

April 19th, 2011
Women are better suited to marketing roles. This might sound controversial, but that’s according to top marketing professor, Mark Ritson of the University of Melbourne. Ritson argues that it is down to the way male and female brains are distinctly programmed, which results in them carrying out tasks and responding to situations differently.
He bases his argument on genetics, explaining that women are naturally more empathetic with others and can also pick up on non-verbal messages better than men. Because of this, he says they have a greater ability to express sympathy and understanding. Whilst this may sound a bit sweeping and perhaps generalised, a 2009 study in Spain comparing male and female teenagers gave similar results.  It found that not only could girls could demonstrate more cognitive and emotional empathy, but also as they aged the differences between the sexes increased.
As a marketer the skill of empathy is very important – listening to and understanding what your market wants is central to the success of a brand or product.  Without the ability to communicate correctly and effectively with consumers, value is lost and with that, brand loyalty. So perhaps Ritson does have a point?  But how does that relate to the way the marketing industry currently stands?  Figures from a Marketing Week survey show that the numbers of women in marketing is increasing.  In 2001 only 53% of respondents were female, rising to 61% in 2009.
So although women may feature prominently in the industry into which they appear to be well suited, it seems that the pay gap is increasing.  In 2001 there was a £4,500 difference between male (£40,600) and female Marketing Managers (£36,100), compared to Marketing Directors where the gap was just £2,700.   Compare that to 2009 and the gap appears to have widened with female Marketing Managers now getting nearly £10,000 less each year on average than their male peers. Among Marketing Directors, being male is worth £17,000 a year more than being female.
This is an area that surely needs addressing – and although there were initial steps to do so in the Equality Act, the Government has since decided not to take gender pay gap reporting forwards.  This move has been criticised and it will be interesting to follow developments in this area in the future.
We’d like to know whether you think that women are better suited to marketing, and if so why?  And if you have any comments about the pay differences, then please comment below.

Are you in a relationship with your career?

It’s a truth universally acknowledged that any ambitious professional is in want of the perfect job! Yes, passion for what you do is an absolute must have for almost any position, and when you’re job hunting it’s important to put your all into every application and every interview.
However, job hunting can also be a difficult and discouraging process. With the right recruitment agency, of course the stress can be seriously lifted, if not eliminated, but in reality there is no guarantee that you’ll get that one job you really want.
So when does passion become emotional dependency? How do you keep up your enthusiasm and your motivation without treating a job with the same emotional attachment you might approach a relationship?
Here are a few indicators that you might need to take a small step back in order to convey the right amount of enthusiasm for your job hunt and a few handy tips for handling these understandable worries.
  1. The attachment: I thought the interview went really well, but they went for a candidate with more experience than me. How could they do this to me? We had a good rapport! What has the other candidate got that I haven’t?
    The answer: In short, pragmatism. Yes, it’s important to analyse your performance during an interview, to think about where you could have done better and how you can learn from the experience, but it’s also vital that you don’t beat yourself up! Sometimes, no matter how outstanding you are, there’s another candidate who has the edge – and it can really sting if you thought you had the job in the bag, but as the old saying goes, there are plenty more fish in the sea. Pick yourself up, dust yourself off and put it down to experience – you can use what you learned in your next interview.
  2. The attachment: I think it went really well. I said all the right things. They’ll definitely hire me. I bet they’ll call me tomorrow. I’m going to be so happy there… I wonder what it will be like to work there…The answer: Stop! You’re already in dangerous territory. Confidence is one thing, but once the adrenaline high of the interview is over, you’ll regret the picture you’ve built up in your head of this being the perfect opportunity for you. For a start, if you don’t get the job you will end up in the situation described in point one. If you do, however, get the job, you will have built up unrealistic expectations of what life will be like once you work there. Allow yourself a couple of minutes to reflect on the interview and think about something else. You’ve done all you can and anything could happen.
  3. The attachment:  The deadline for choosing a candidate has passed and the client or recruiter still hasn’t called. Why haven’t they called me? I’ll just watch my phone the entire day in case they call – is it too soon to call them? Maybe I’ll call them again tomorrow… and the next day…The answer: As with any relationship, clinging on isn’t going to help. Take a deep breath and focus on other things. It can be excruciating waiting for news on a job you really want, but you can’t control the situation and trying to will make you feel worse. Send a courteous email to the recruiter or interviewer saying how much you enjoyed the experience and that you look forward to hearing from them soon. If you don’t, then yes, it’s impolite, but chalk it down to experience and move on to the next job.
If the above sounds like you, then don’t worry, it’s perfectly normal in a difficult employment market to become emotionally wed to a particular outcome. Our top tip is to store up your enthusiasm for the interview – then let it go until you know more. Remember, just like your perfect partner, your perfect job is out there, when it’s right for you, you will get it!


*Many thanks to Handle Recruitment for this information

Want Coachella style?

For Vanessa Hudgens Style...try this...

Check out Shock Boutique
Link: http://www.shockboutique.com/



Bank Holiday Weekend

Hey people!!!

Yes! Yes! We have another Bank Holiday! Aren't you now proud to be English! This is fab!!
Whilst I cant say I recieved an invite to the Royal Wedding of Prince William our future heir to the thrown & Kate Middleton, I will be blogging on the choice of wedding dress & outfits worn by the attendees.... secretly, I'm dying to see what the Beckham's are going to wear! They're such a chic family!

To send you on your way to a fabulous bank holiday weekend, is my mate DJ Motive's Mini mix for StreetFest - This mix features only the best in Hip Hop, RnB, Dancehall & UK Funky/ Future Garage...enjoy! xo

To download this mix, please click the folowing link: http://soundcloud.com/streetfest/motive-mix-tape

For tickets to StreetFest which are priced at £10 and can be bought online via TicketWeb
Link: http://www.ticketweb.co.uk/user/?region=xxx&query=schedule&promoter=Streetfest&interface=streetfest10

StreetFest is the first and only live art street festival in UK. StreetFest performers are drawn from a collective of creative painters, architects, designers, illustrators, skaters and writers who live to express themselves during the day through live demos, screenings and shows.

For more info: http://www.streetfest.net/

26 April 2011

Fashion against AIDS

Added cast members to the campaign along with Selma, Penn & Keri Hilson are; Sky Ferreira, Scissor Sisters, Nikki Reed, Akon, Ginnifer Goodwin & Shiloh Fernandez

Check the video's by clicking the link below...xo

Clo Clo Loves Her Jellies xo

That's right! I do, I do, I doooooo (Kenan & Kel Nickelodeon)
So I went to KG over a week ago and purchased these....

Now I want them in the coral colour....

And then spotted these bad girls....arent they fab?

The price tag will probably even more fabulous...their Miu Miu and will go fab with my Miu Miu Butterfly shades!....

Music News

Its official! Girl's Aloud are making a comeback! The girl group who were original cast on the ITV show 'Popstars' are to be making a comeback with a new album. This is said to include the full group members especially Cheryl Cole & Nadine Coyle who, due to media speculating have been rumoured to not be on speaking terms. Their manager Hilary Shaw, concluded the girls are “getting on great"

Well thats just fantastic isnt it!

Here's a leaked image from her filming the video

Beyonce Knowles is another star making a comeback this 2011 with her newest track "Girls'
Please drop your comments below this post. I really want to know what you all think of this track xo

P.s Its already at number 18 on the bill board charts...
It's official!

I'm now the newest member of Team Drop Out Uk!!!

So don't forget to check out the website for all the best reviews of new music tracks, exclusive news & event info.

Please keep supporting me my lovelies....it will all pay off! Trust me xo

25 April 2011

Weekly Outfits... Fab Or Drab?

Beyonce Knowles-Carter

The Ultimate Wishlist : Hermes

Hermes Graffiti Scarf from AW11 Collection


New Music Playlist

Hey Guys & Gals!
Hope your enjoying the lovely weather been blessed on us Londoner's. If you aren't enjoying good weather outside of London, I'm sure the sun's not too far away...

Anyway, I've had the pleasure of stumbling along a few new musicians this beautiful bank holiday afternoon and each artist brings out something different in me. It's amazing!
Plus they go great with some sun & a lager & lime!lol

Check them out below!
(don't forget to click on to their website's so you can sign up for downloads, news & other interesting facts)
Enjoy xo

1. Diagram Of The Hearts -  Dance/ Pop
Favourite Track(s): "If I were you" & "Did I?"

2. Mr Forbes - Rap/ Hip Hop
Favourite Track(s): "Relationship Issues"
I like this artist because his tracks remind me of my days running round with my 'hoodish' mates after~ finishing college listening to Styles P... Good times...
I'm no music connessieur but this guys got flow... such a nice change from listening to the over played Drake tunes...Plus this geezer is kinda hot! *sorry Drakey baby xo*

3.Jay O-K

Favourite Track(s): "Maybe Tonight" & the funky electro track -  Black Cherry Remix "Diamonds & Pearls"

Are you feeling any of these new music picks? Let me know what you think below

CP xo
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