04 March 2011

Rihanna - The New Face Of Nivea

No not the singer...as far as I know she is faded into the ordinary life ...I'm on about Nivea the cream giants...they've just announced that Rihanna is their new face...what do you think?

Me personally, I'm not going crazy over the image, I do she looks nice in it and that its clean and minimalistic but as a PR person, I also think she is a great ambassador for the brand!
She has great skin - She's a role model to many - She is a woman of colour...not many big brand names have ethnic models/ celebrities to endorse their brand so thumbs up to Nivea...not to mention, nearly every black, white, mixed race, & Asian person I know has a bottle in their cupboard or travel sized container in the back of their car...

1 comment

  1. I think she looks lovely and natural and this picture. Of course, she would look even more gorgeuos with my jewellery on... LOL


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