22 February 2011

Things you should know about this blog...

1. I love Fashion - I eat Fashion, sleep with Fashion & live for Fashion
2. I will talk not only about Fashion but anything else that pops into my head
3. I will update you with images of me doing 'Chloe' daily... if its not consitent please contact Blackberry and give them a good telling off on my behalf becuase God knows I've done that a million times
4. I love celebrities as much as I do common folk and vice verse...I love people FULL STOP
5. I will not stop talking about boys especially Tinie Tempah
6. One of the most important facts... I love the Kardashians....but I have a super serious crush on Rob Kardasian and here follows my obsession with him...here he is at the 2011 NBA All Star Celebrity Game...doesnt he look so cute here....Rob I swear I love you lol
(Thanks to Zimbio picture)

P.s Doesn't Khloe look absolutely gorgeous!!! I love this outfit...mostly the heels and leopard peg leg trousers!!! I think I need a pair xo

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