17 February 2011

The Best of The Brits 2011

Firstly.... I must say a massive Congratulations!!! to Tinie Tempah, Jessie J, Mumford & Sons, Plan B, Take That & Adele for their performances and awards won if they did in fact win any awards. Last night was truly a night to celebrate not only being British but the talent we have been harbouring for years which has finally been leaked...its amazing! We are amazing! We should be extremely proud of this and must NEVER forget how far we have come...America watch out now! lol
Congratulations  to all the nominees too..you are equally fantastic and if you didnt win in 2011...watch out 2012..have faith xo

So now on to my favourite artists, personalities & outfits of the night...ooooh who should go first....ooooh its a hard one...... let me start with......

Yasmin who looked effortlessly perfect! I love that dress, the wedges, her hair, the flawless make up not to mention the sneaky peak of her tattoo and it looks like Yasmin's got booty...a girl after my own heart...look out for her in 2011 if you didn't already know

Our Chezza looked gorgeous (as always - I think we need her stylist) in Stella McCartney. Im glad she went for this look rather than the bondage style body con dress....lets hope we never see that again...thumbs up to Chez!xo


Rhianna was apparently wearing Christian Dior Haute Coutour on the night I believe...I love that Rhianna pushes the envelope on fashion and that the girl is in a league of her own. She's killing the red trend, absolutley killing it, she does sexy better than anyone else right now..debatable..I think not...but what do you expect of our little caribbean princess...you can take the girl out the West Indies but you cant take the West indies outta our girl......

Katherine Jenkins is obviously a welsh beauty and although I cant fault her on her dress or any part of the outfit...I will comment that there is not much originality when it comes to this outfit. I love Vivienne Westwood...only God knows how much I love not only the clothes but the Dame herself....but the amount of times I have seen this dress since January alone is ridiculous and for the Brits babe...you could have got something made exclusively....gorgeous but unoriginal...

LOVED ELLIE GOLDING's....hair & choice of dress, both very flattering, sexy and girly...another english chick on point...suprised? dont be!

Fearne...I love you Fearne! Fearne is the ultimate icon for young British females at the moment. She's fresh, funky and real;y polished here..just look at her gorgeous curls and that studded dress that fits like a glove. Fearne is effortless, classy yet on the edge...not an easy combination but she pulls it off time and time again..love you Fearne.xo

James Corden is just the cutest! he looks fab in this suit and did a good job at hosting the awards...Its so nice to see fellow Londoners on the big screen, walking and talking just the way we* I do....he did well...and I'd like to see him again...him and Dermot O'so sexy Leary that is...tell me he ain't sex on legs...mmmm

Matt Cardle scrubbed up well...here he is looking as chuffed as could be, the suit aint half bad..you can tell its his own...dont like the tie or the hanky detail but he's impressed me here ...I like you too Matt so keep on smiling :) xo

Jessie J is on her own with this image...I really cant say its original but if it helps, I like her hair....? I got a dress just like hers from Brick Lane about 2 years ago...I really wouldn't be surprised if that's where hers was found either..but don't get me wrong...I'm certainly not knocking the ' Lane...its one of London's best kept shopping spots....but anyway I love Jessie simply because she is raw talent, shes from the UK and from my birth town of Romford...she's going to be huge.. check her out on YouTube...she really is A-mazing...

Here's Professor Green and his missus...nothing amazing but I was just shocked that this is his GF...last time I heard, he was seeing Pixie Lott...but she isn't far off from our Pixie is she...Can't comment on her outfit but her hair is on point...thumbs up!

Sophie Ellis Bextor - Not dropping over my feet for this dress but she's got the Vintage look down to a T! She looks fab and I love those shoes...plus I have a soft spot for polka dots...(blame my childhood growing up watching Cher's Mermaid)

Cee Lo Green congrats on the one of biggest tunes of 2010. He performed with Paloma Faith yesterday...gotta give him props even if he isn't gorgeous and would probably scare me to pieces if that was the first thing I looked at in the morning... on a brighter note, I love the studded tracksuit... Now you may have guessed that I would save the best till last and darling's you were not wrong.....here you have him....not for long...the gorgeous genius, Tinie Tempah

 Doesn't he look so geek-chic! I love the three piece suit and the bow tie....oh I Love it! I Love him!!!! He deservedly had smiles all night and I'll give you one guess as to who was smiling with him the WHOLE time....yeah...you know :)
Someone please tell me where Labrinth was when Tinie accepted the award for 'Frisky'.........
Labrinth if your reading this along with many other blogs, articles and radio mentions...kicking yourself yet? lol
Don't worry I can almost guarantee there will be a next time xo


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