28 February 2011

New xo - ck one Campaign

I can't wait for the launch of Calvin Klein's ck one range & campaign....keep your eyes peeled! You will love it!!!
Clo Clo said so :) xo

Here's a little video teaser we made for your viewing pleasure..see how many celebrities/ young talent you can notice in the video. This is HOT!



Alexander McQueen

The Alexander Mcqueen press office are recruiting for a press office intern...if your interested, contact emma.wardle@uk.alexandermcqueen.com and check out the requirements & job description  http://www.fashionmonitor.com/jobs/inner.aspx?id=313&bulletin2=20110225


26 February 2011

xo Trend - Colour that goes POP


Beyonce Blackface

Singer Beyonce Knowles has recently been shot for French fashion magazine L'Officiel and it is set to cause waves of controversy... take a look at a leaked image below

What do you think of the shoot?


24 February 2011

Maxi's are back

Maxi's are coming back ladies!!
I've seen a few commuters in them already but check out Espirit's newest addition to the trend...I'm in awe...what's your verdict?

22 February 2011

What do you think of this puffy gilet/ vest my lovelies? Should I buy it?


Things you should know about this blog...

1. I love Fashion - I eat Fashion, sleep with Fashion & live for Fashion
2. I will talk not only about Fashion but anything else that pops into my head
3. I will update you with images of me doing 'Chloe' daily... if its not consitent please contact Blackberry and give them a good telling off on my behalf becuase God knows I've done that a million times
4. I love celebrities as much as I do common folk and vice verse...I love people FULL STOP
5. I will not stop talking about boys especially Tinie Tempah
6. One of the most important facts... I love the Kardashians....but I have a super serious crush on Rob Kardasian and here follows my obsession with him...here he is at the 2011 NBA All Star Celebrity Game...doesnt he look so cute here....Rob I swear I love you lol
(Thanks to Zimbio picture)

P.s Doesn't Khloe look absolutely gorgeous!!! I love this outfit...mostly the heels and leopard peg leg trousers!!! I think I need a pair xo

Celeb Spotting

Gosh I love working for Calvin Klein.....
One of the reasons is that I got to do a little bit of celeb spotting this morning from our Head Office kitchen window lol

Today was the opening of Carnaby Street store Day 22 which is the brainchild of deisgner Lamis Khamis & glamour model & tv personality Katie Price AKA Jordan

To be quite honest, I wasn't star struck as I have been in the past, which is a shame.
Due to recent media attention, I'm pretty fed up with seeing stories on Katie Price, Alex Reid, Peter Andre...it's so boring & unnecessary...why would you really want your whole life plastered on the covers of Uk newpapers? There really is no valid explaination so from here on out...I'm over it and wont report anything on the subject at all

But back to fashion news, heres some background on Day 22 the shop & brand
'They (Katie & Lamis" wanted to create a brand that is stylish, comfortable, edgy and of quality. Pieces you would want to wear forever.
Most importantly Katie and Lamis wanted a brand that is fresh all the time, with new pieces added monthly, being clothes or accessories... so they decided that on Day 22 of every month they will add new pieces to the collection. All the pieces will be of limited edition and never repeated identically... so 'Day 22' was born.

nothing more interesting to report on this subject so I'm out xo

20 February 2011

Day 3 London Fashion Week

The cheek of me, I've been enjoying the last 3 days time without reporting back to you lovelies with the most important highlights of London Fashion Week.

So getting back to business, better late than never, heres some of my highlights of today's catwalk..enjoy xo

John Rocha


  • Braids
  • Black
  • Camel
  • Red
  • Fur
  • Period like coats
  • Metallics
  • Textures: Lace,Chiffon, Knitwear
  • Leather platform boots
  • Trench coats


Vauxhall Fashion Scout

Well my darlings today was extremely hectic and so enjoyable! I was working with stylist Katie Burnett for the Lako Bukia show which was at Vauxhall Fashion Scout's, Freemason Hall in Covent Garden.

You could literally feel the buzz of LFW in the air as soon as you turned off Drury Lane..A-Mazing! Not even a fire alarm could ruin our spirit! I made some really amazing contacts as well as meeting a few old faces including Ola Shobowole of and my beautiful cousin Bianca who was working with #VFS.
I also had the pleasure of dressing model Anastasia Che (Zone Models) and meeting a few other amazing and beautiful models, other stylists, hair & make up artists.

In all I am uber tired and surprised I am still awake to tell the tale...but I must leave you all now until tomorrow when I'll be back with pics from today and the shows tomorrow...

Sweet dreams.......zzzzzz........


17 February 2011


Doesnt Kim look fab! Her she is attending the Warner Bros Los Angeles premiere of "Unknown" at the Mann Village Theater.

This look is really amazing! Simple but very chic...I'm thinking Audrey Hepburn with a mix of the 60's...love the winter white swing coat along with Kim's usual gorgeous locks...

Just looking at her gives me the chills like its coming up to winter...

I have to focus on those pumps though...can anyone guess what they are?
Whatever they happen to be...I love them & I want them
Tell us Kim xo

SPRING FOCUS - Found This....Love This...

Spring is on its way my darlings....are you ready?
If not, do like me and pick up a floral buy like this....

treat it well and Im sure you'll be able to use it over and over again...check out the price tag too....


I got alot of feedback requesting to see what exactly Caprice was wearing that I had to say such things about her outfit choice...take a look and by all means, judge for yourself...xo

The Best of The Brits 2011


16 February 2011

The Brits 2011 - The Freaking Worst

Wassup London & the world!
Im truly in absolute shock! My lil bebs Tiny Tempah scored big time last night! Rhianna looked amazing, so did Cheryl (no surpise there) but bloody heck did some people look freakking awful! I couldnt believe what I was seeing from the red carpet....Shock Freaking Horror Mate (cockney accent)

I actually dont even want to comment but I'll just say a few words on each of these Monstrosities!! Truly awful!! Please sack your stylists...I'd have done a better job...better still I can actually help you...for FREE!

Right....I mean wrong....whats going on with Angellica's hair? Someone needs to take that chick to see Errol Douglas ASAP...her husband gets a thumbs up from me though.....he's heard of the term swagger and is working his way up...not perfect but he's climbing

Alesha, Alesha, Alesha!!!! Gold & Silver!! Really...was that necessary? Who was your stylist...I have a good mine to send them and you an ambulance even if I am 24 hours late...this is dreadful....as Milly Milan once said...girls that wear gold & silver end up in ambulances...it serves them right...karma...!

Okay...Avtril how old are you now? Been hanging out with Brody Jenner for too long I see...Hollywood! 

Alesha again...I cant get over it! PMSL!!!!

Heidi is another blast from the past! And I dont mean that I havent seen or heard a squeak from this chick in like a year! But what is she wearing???? The belt, shoes...? The Jumpsuit is on trend but deary deary me...heres another one that needs a stylist! Dont answer back cos you do!

What would Massoud say? Haha Camel Toe! Camel Toe! PMSL
Nah but for real! Preeya is a beauty! A real stunner! I dunno what happened to her after Eastenders but the Channel AKA video girl routine and this outfit is wrong! Dread!!!! Flippin dreadful!

I also had a picture of Model Caprice but it doesnt seem to be loading....funny that....she would have got Clo Clo's worst dressed gong...I dont know what she was wearing or why she was even at the Brits (she does not sing nor is she British) but hey ho.....lets get on to the real stars and leave these lot waaaaaaaaaaaaaay at the back


14 February 2011

Hey Georgie' Give us some

Hey Georgina,

At Clo Clo's Closet we would love a pair of your Dusty/ Dixie shoes....please....they are just too good to look at and not have....please....xo
Dawson - Georgina Goodman Spring Summer 2011

Dixie - Georgina Goodman Spring Summer 2011

Dusty - Georgina Goodman Spring Summer 2011
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