25 October 2010

Amy's Back and its not Back to Black!

Hello everyone!!!

Welcome to all my new followers! Many thanks, Hope you enjoy my blog and I LOVE you!

Found this in my email today, thank God it went straight to my inbox and not to my junk because I absolutely love Amy Winehouse! The woman is an absolute Legend! She has issues but would I for one would love to meet someone who doesnt! The point is she is a legend, her voice is amazing and you gotta give it to her she has her own style and sorry but she's a Londoner....gotta love a fellow Londoner am I right, or am I right?! lol

Anyway just found out she's collaborated with Fred Perry (who isn't collaborating nowadays ey chicks?) and I'm smitten.....
Just take a look

I mostly love the tops - as you can tell by clicking the link I think I'm fascinated with checks at the moment hence buying a pair of vans 2 weeks ago which I have not stopped wearing except when I have meetings to go to and out come the heels :(
Why dont you lot let me know how you find her collection and if you have a favourite item or not..... I wont bite....xoxo

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