21 December 2010

Leather Spiked Boots

What do you think of these CloClocloset chica's?

Leather Spiked Boots

20 December 2010

Win a Rodial goodie bag worth £1000 with Rodial.co.uk

Hey peeps,

Please forgive me for being away for so long but I have been working in the Press office at Agent Provocateur which leaves me no time to update you guys with all thats going on but this will change after the new year! I promise...in the mean time enjoy this competition xoxoxo

Win a Rodial goodie bag worth £1000 with Rodial.co.uk

25 October 2010

Stingy Style

Stumbled across a follower blogger today and instantly, I was hooked! Please follow her page and if your reading this Stingy....follow me! http://www.stingystyle.blogspot.com/

I loved blog about the spread in V Magazine...now Clo Clo Closet follows please tell me what is the 'MF' Difference?

Also found this through Styleite's Mailings.....what is wrong with the fashion industry and plus size clothing, models or people in general....I'm putting it out there....where do they get off??


Comments please xoxo

Amy's Back and its not Back to Black!

Hello everyone!!!

Welcome to all my new followers! Many thanks, Hope you enjoy my blog and I LOVE you!

Found this in my email today, thank God it went straight to my inbox and not to my junk because I absolutely love Amy Winehouse! The woman is an absolute Legend! She has issues but would I for one would love to meet someone who doesnt! The point is she is a legend, her voice is amazing and you gotta give it to her she has her own style and sorry but she's a Londoner....gotta love a fellow Londoner am I right, or am I right?! lol

Anyway just found out she's collaborated with Fred Perry (who isn't collaborating nowadays ey chicks?) and I'm smitten.....
Just take a look

I mostly love the tops - as you can tell by clicking the link I think I'm fascinated with checks at the moment hence buying a pair of vans 2 weeks ago which I have not stopped wearing except when I have meetings to go to and out come the heels :(
Why dont you lot let me know how you find her collection and if you have a favourite item or not..... I wont bite....xoxo

21 October 2010

More H&M & Lanvin Pics leaked

Hi Guys & Gals,

Just a quick update of some more leaked photos showing us what to expect from the H&M & Lanvin collaboration for H&M. Oooooh I'm so excited I really cant wait!!!

Get in line when it launches....no date as yet but as soon as I know, I'll be sure to update you all!
P>S Don't you just love the clutch and shoes? oooooh (moaning!)


Jimmy Choo for UGG Australia


Went to the Jimmy Choo & UGG launch last night in London's Selfridges to celebrate their new boot line. Got down there for 6pm and as to be expected, there was a major queue, not outside but inside the famous mall. It was held alongside people shopping at the local KG & Carvela stand which I wasn't too impressed with...for such a massive launch....you couldn't find a better space in the WHOLE of Selfridges....shocking!!

Anyway, there was friendly and eager sales staff on board to help, offering you a boot to try on every time you turned around, cream fur rugs underneath a motorbike which was mimicking the ad for the collaboration...(see below) as well as a DJ playing the likes of Mark Ronson and a bottle of POP Champagne which my friend Chelache got over excited with and choked! hahaha

So without further delay please see the line of boots available to you at a measly minimum of.......£465

LOL Enjoy! xoxo


20 October 2010

Jimmy Choo & UGG Event at Selfridges, Marble Arch (London)

Hey all,

I was given tickets to the Jimmy Choo & UGG Event at Selfridges later this afternoon.

Please check my Tumblr blog for live pictures and news at the Selfridges event.

See you later xoxo

19 October 2010

I want this soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo bad!!!

Please send it to me Stella.xoxoxo

Weekly Shopping Finds - 19.10.10

Thought I'd share with you my favourite shopping finds from this week - hope you don't mind! 

I'm in love with this Stella McCartney Katha Jacket and am finding the best ways I can go about purchasing it. Don't you think its fab???

If I did manage to get it however, I would pair it up with the following, these Khaki 'Jodpur' look a likes but are actually leggings

This blouse £65 @ Miss Selfridge or a similar chiffon one will do (try Ebay I found loads!)...or....once again check out NFD for this type of garment

And a pair of killer heels....Louboutin's are my preferential choice but a pair of Nine West leopard print heels at a steal (£55) will do you just fine....these are so on trend!

Match with a red satchel bag and your good to go....just like me!
Lol Bye! 

CP xo

Gold Saturn Turbands

Needless to say I love these. When I first showed my friend's the turband last year...they all rolled their eyes at me! Can you believe it now? Now I reckon they'd brush it off saying 'Chloe your crazy...we never did that' because now its the IN TING!

And to prove it, Kourtney Kardashian has only gone and bought one, rocked it whilst out and about in NYC with her sister Kim, douche of a boyfriend Scott Disick (although gotta love his swagger) and even posed for a pic with Mr 'I-know-it-all' Kanye West

I love the way Kourtney is channeling her inner city 70's chick! Complete with a fur jacket and bell bottom jeans....She did it well!

What are you saying now girls???

Get yours at http://www.goldsaturn.com


New Jewellery Designs I found



Ioannis Dimitrousis

I met the designer Ioannis Dimitrousis & his lovely assistant during London Fashion Week Sept 2010 who was presenting his SS 2011 collection.

Don't you think its fab! His work is done by himself only and reminds me very much of Ancient Greece and the Roman era...very goddess like and extremely sexy....I wonder how flattering this would look on an average real woman....hmmmm....(currently trying to get Ioannis to let me sample one of these beauties! ;) )

Anyway, these gowns are knitted by the designer himself and I have attached an lookbook of a few of his other designs.

Ioannis designs have been known to be genderless, intricate when discussing how he uses a contemporary form of crochet knitting along with his obviously very skillful mother.

I personally love the designs, they are nothing like anything I have seen before, extremely luxury items, the textiles he uses are extreme yet I quote 'organic materials'
This designer gets both thumbs up from me.....please do check him out and the rest of his collection at http://www.ioannisdimitrousis.com/

Please let me know which design happens to be your favourite & how and obviously where you'd be able to pull this luxury garment off?


My final wedding outfit.....sorted?? Not quite

This is my final choices Dolls...what do you think? Need your help asap as purchasing will begin as of midnight tonight.xxx


Borrow My Vintage

Hello my darlings!

Hope your week has got off to a great start!

Just to let you know, I'm launching a new test blog for my new venture titled 'Borrow My Vintage' which in short is a service renting & borrowing out vintage clothing from all era's.

That's right, I'm opening up my danderously cluttered vintage wardrobe, for it to be put on full display and out in the open for all you vintage gals/ lovers to snap up for that all important event/party/ occasion.

I know its not fun to go sifting through vintage shops and rails...often they smell too! to find that perfect item, garment or accessorie. And nowadays keeping it in the best condition is a chore in itself so I'm here to help you out....BIG time!
Please keep an eye out for new garments being uploaded to the site. If you have any enquiries, please do not hesitate to contact me as I will be more than happy to answer any questions and would also love your feedback!


Take care

14 October 2010

Saturday's Hen Party

On Saturday my Aunt has her Surprise Hen party which was so wicked! I loved every minute of it! Her closest friends & family were there, the theme was come as you dare mixed with black and pink....we had a few drinks then headed off to a local club to send her off in the best possible way....take a look at our pics.

If you are wondering what I'm wearing please see below;
CP: Fur Gilet (Zara) Suspender tights (Topshop £8), Leather biker jacket (Primark AW 09), Skirt (Topshop 25) High heeled black patent Courts (Faith £50 AW 08)

And to do my 50's punk curls, i left my bendy rollers in for 2 hours and brushed them out to muy desired style which i finished with a side parting and lots of hair spray xoxo

Beyond Glam Launch

Last week Thursday, was the Launch of my good friend Joesph's new salon 'Beyond Glam' a Afro Caribbean & European hair salon based in Finsbury Park London N4 (T: 0207 263 1856)which was a lovely celebration, complete with beautiful decor, gorgeous men & women, bubbly, jokes and of course what we were all there for, to celebrate the launch of 'Beyond Glam'.

Please see some pictures of the event below.

The after party of course was just as fab at the club Runway just off Tottenham Court Road in London's West End complete with a celebrity guest, none other than the stunning Amber Rose.

And as much as I think this woman is ridiculously sexy I cannot say the same for the outfit....what do you think? xo

One long week; The low down

It has been such a busy week!!!! Thanks to my newest followers! Great to have you on board! Hope you enjoy the blog as much as I do contributing to it.

As I said it has been a loooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooong week!

On Monday, I was lucky enough to be invited to the NBA games at London's o2 Arena in Greenwich.

Now for all of you who don't know, I'm not a sports fan in the slightest. If anything I like to look at guys running around in their football kits (checking out thighs, abs etc) the sweatier the better I say! :)
So you can imagine how pleasantly surprised the group I went to the game with were, when I started cheering on both The Lakers and The Minnesota Timber wolves (as I don't have a preference to who wins) but it was great. Maybe I never took the time to grasp the whole concept of basketball before but it is one of the most interactive games I have EVER been too! The players are true athletes! Anyone that can maintain such stamina running up and down, back and forth of a court and still hit those hoops gets a high five from me! Also the way they let the crowd interact with players and celebrities is fab! The cheerleaders as you can imagine were so slim and very gorgeous....they all looked like a collection of Mattel Barbies! Lol

I think London football clubs need to take note...you may get a bigger female following if you do guys!

So the kiss and tell part of this story minus the kiss and tell (lol) is I managed to spot Ashley Cole (BOO!!), Lamar Odom (Husband of my celeb icon Khloe Kardashian) Koby Bryant (who for a mature bloke looks pretty good!) and Idris Elba (The Wire).
See below for some groupie pictures of my friends who managed to get snapped with a few of the above stars


Hoss Intropia Courtesy of Grazia

On Weds 13th October I was one of 200 lucky Grazia readers to win tickets to the Hoss Intopia Event at their Regent Street Store.

I arrived slightly early which meant I was one of the first people to check out their A/W collection (tres chic) and sample their canapes of varied olives, wasabi nuts and plantain chips washed down with a soft drink resembling my favourite cocktail of all time....a Mojitio and or a glass of sparkling wine.
Not to forget in the slightest, I managed to get a mini manicure compliments of the lovely Emma of freelance beauticians 'Spolit at home' who used products by Leighton Denny who I am absolutely head over heels with. They started off using a crystal file on my nails which didnt split or shatter my ever so poorly post extension nails instead, all that was left was a little bit dust of dust that Emma so carefully wiped off. I then was treated to my choice of nail lacquer 'Prim and Proper' a top coat of Feature Finish and the Miracle Drops which if they arent already a beauty cult fix then they definitely will be shortly. My nails dried in just under 5 mins and were left with a diamond shine! I'm hooked and I'm sure whoever reads this will be too.

I then tried on a beauty polka dot dress which was simply gorgeous and unfortunatley at £208 I couldnt possibly afford on my 'interning' salary of um.....nothing...lol but it was a real pleasure to try on.

I even left with a goody bag which I had to share with you all......jealous yet? lol
Inside the goody bag: Hoss Intropia Umbrella, This week's Grazia Magazine, a discount for Leighton Denni Products (please purchase at John Lewis)

If you want to save yourself some money, purchase this set which has the Miracle drops and a selection of fab colourshttp://www.leightondenny.com/product-detail/default.aspx?ProductId=124&ProductCategoryId=4...also check out The oppulence collection which are all shades Leighton was inspired by from the AW 2010 Fashion week catwalks ; http://www.leightondenny.com/products/19/1/the-opulence-collection
Not to mention all the staff from Spoilt at Home, Grazia stylists, Hoss Intropia store staff and the lovely lady I met from PR company The Communication Store were a real pleasure to meet and chat too. A lovely experience! I hope to attend another one again.
If you wasnt there....you missed out. xoxo
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